10 benefits of Unedited tattoo moisturiser

Coconut oil is well regarded for its myriad of health-giving qualities. Now, the tattoo-loving team at Unedited bring you the super-soothing magic of organic, extra virgin coconut oil, expertly blended with a couple of other special ingredients, in the ultimate tattoo aftercare product.

All tattoo lovers know that aftercare is paramount to ensuring your work of art stays looking its best and the key to that is caring for your skin as it heals. The many healing qualities of coconut oil, along with our own secret ingredients in Unedited Tattoo Moisturiser, make it the perfect product – let’s look at why.

1. It’s an excellent moisturiser
The key to the aftercare of a new tattoo is keeping the skin clean and moisturised, so it doesn’t ‘dry out’ and start feeling too tight through the healing process.
The base ingredient in Unedited Tattoo Moisturiser is coconut oil, created by extracting the fat from the coconut flesh. It’s organic (certified by the Soil Association), extra virgin and produced via a centrifuge method which keeps the quality as a premium yield.
Unedited Tattoo Moisturiser Coconut oil ingredients are predominantly composed of saturated fatty acids (c. 94%), with around two-thirds of them being Medium Chain Fatty Acids. One major player is Vitamin-E, which has excellent moisturising properties. Other fatty acids include Lauric Acid (45%-52% / antibacterial agent which can help with skin conditions), Myristic Acid (16%-21% / cleansing agent, emulsifier and lubricant) and Caprylic Acid (5%-10% / antifungal and anti-inflammatory).

2. Healing properties
When your tattoo is brand new, it is essentially an ‘open wound’ so you need to keep it as clean as possible, as well as moisturised. Coconut oil also has a number of antioxidant and antimicrobial properties, also coming from its saturated fats such as Capric Acid (4%-8% / antiviral), Caprylic Acid (5%-10% / antifungal and anti-inflammatory) and, in lesser traces, Myristic Acid (cleansing agent, emulsifier and lubricant).

3. Protection from free radicals
Unedited is rich in vitamin E, which is known to help protect the body against the destructive effects of free radicals. The antioxidant nutrients in Vitamin E and the other fatty acids, help protect your cells from environmental exposure to free radicals, including air pollution, cigarette smoke and ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Vitamin E is the most abundant fat-soluble antioxidant in the body and the most efficient, primary defender against oxidation. It helps keep your skin and organs healthy, assisting with the healing process.

4. It rejuvenates the skin
According to Dr. Bruce Fife, N.D., “There isn’t a skin condition that coconut oil can’t help. Whether the injury comes from a cut, scrape, burn, bruise, sprain or insect bite, the application of the oil to the injured site will speed healing and prevent scarring.”
Coconut oil effectively remedies dry or cracked skin and helps keep connective tissues strong and supple, thereby reducing the appearance of fine lines. Additionally, every time you bathe with soap and water, you wash off your skin’s natural protective layer, so at your cleanest you are also at your most vulnerable to infection. A protective layer of coconut oil is ideal to quickly replenish your body’s natural barrier and protect the tissue from outside contaminants.

5. A little goes a long way
Sometimes less is more and, whilst that might not be true for tattoos, the last thing you want is to go so over the top on the aftercare and accidentally end up doing more harm than good. The trick is gently and slowly with cleaning and moisturising your new tattoo. It can be tempting to wash it too roughly (it’s itchy, right, you want to rub it!), or to slap on the aftercare cream in layers, until your poor skin can’t breathe.
With Unedited Tattoo Moisturiser a little goes a long way, as you only need a thin layer to start absorbing all of those great healing qualities.

6. It’s organic and hypoallergenic
Unedited Tattoo Moisturiser is about as pure as it comes – 100% organic and extra virgin!

8. It’s fair trade and cruelty-free
Unedited Tattoo Moisturiser is a cruelty-free company. We work directly with our producers in Sri Lanka and never test on animals.

8. It’s delivered to your door
Just a click away, Unedited Tattoo Moisturiser is available directly from our website and on Amazon.

9. The more you buy, the more you save
If you love Unedited Tattoo Moisturiser as much as we do, you’ll want to stock up. We appreciate that, so we offer discounts on bulk buys.

10. Coconut oil is an all-round wonder product
In brief, “There isn’t a skin condition that coconut oil can’t help” In addition to being an excellent tattoo aftercare product, coconut oil can be used as: a makeup remover; all over body moisturiser; hair conditioner/mask; lip gloss; toothpaste; and can ease a multitude of skin disorders, including acne, psoriasis and eczema.
Unedited Tattoo Moisturiser is a must-have item for your home medicine cabinet, because you never know when you will next get the urge to have a new tattoo and, with all those wonderful uses, it’s hardly going to go to waste in between visits to your favourite studio.

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