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Unedited Tattoo Moisturiser

Unedited is 100% vegan, organic & cruelty-free.

Applying a small amount of our lasting moisturiser gives new life to your tattoo – adding a gorgeous & lasting sheen to your ink, lifting colour & detail.

Our 75ml packaging tubes contain no plastic and  are made from a revolutionary spruce wood compound that is both recyclable & biodegradable. 


Vegan & Organic

Unedited tattoo moisturiser is 100% vegan & organic. We never test on animals and our products are cruelty-free.

Added vitamin D & E

Our moisturiser minimises the destructive effects of free radicals, keeping your tattoo healthy & assisting with the healing process.

Ethically produced

Our tubes are made from a revolutionary ethically sourced  spruce wood compound and 100% recyclable.

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The world unedited

We are unedited in everything that we do. We care about how you treat your tattoo,
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