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Unedited Tattoo Moisturiser

100% Vegan & Organic tattoo moisturising cream containing vitamin D & E


‘Unedited’ is a deep & lasting moisturiser giving new life to your tattoo. A small application adds a gorgeous & lasting sheen to your ink, lifting colour & detail. Unedited tubes contain
no plastic
, our tubes are made from a revolutionary spruce wood compound that are both recyclable & biodegradable.


we love your tattoo

we love who you are

our moisturiser is for people who wear their tattoos as vibrantly
and as colourful as they live their lives. 
we don’t exclude anyone
who is true to themselves. we welcome everyone to use our product.


organic - vegan - plastic free

our tubes are made of ethically sourced spruce wood

moisturise your ink

deep & lasting moisturiser giving new life to your tattoo

lustre & shine

Unedited adds a gorgeous sheen to your ink, lifting colour & detail

no plastic packaging

Unedited tubes are made from ethically sourced spruce wood

vegan & organic

Unedited is 100% organic, vegan and not tested on animals

made from coconuts

we have formulated our own homogenised coconut recipe

with vitamin d & e

vitamin d & e protect the body against the destructive effect of free radicals

don’t cover up or hold back

we are not afraid to speak our minds
hold our tongues or hold back
we bare all
we have no filter
we make our mark
we are not blank canvases
our bodies are canvases
for expression of creativity

we are not a beauty brand for beauty queens
we are weird and we are wonderful
we live life Unedited.


the world Unedited

we are Unedited in everything that we do. we care about how you treat your tattoo,
how people treat each other and how we all treat the environment.



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